Reverse Ferret Gets Real

Reverse Ferret added new members — Lilly Waters and Anthony Griggs to the original ensemble of Mike, Christian, Paul, and John. The band played its first live performance Friday March 13th, 2020. Covid-19 forced the shutdown of live venues after that, leaving future shows in doubt. Here are 12 recordings from that show. The audio technology was limited to the microphone of a Nikon camera, ambient in the room. After some gentle editing and mastering, the songs may be downloaded in wav format; simply touch the ellipsis symbol at the right of the bar. The song title is beneath the bar. The live album is titled Gets Real.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia
I’m a Woman
White Bird
Paint It Black
When Doves Cry
For Your Love
Master Blaster (Jammin’)
Folsom Prison Blues
Little Wing
Can’t Find My Way Home
Rockin’ In the Free Woeld

Reverse Ferret DisCovery

DisCovery has landed! Not the space shuttle, but the first studio album by the Chattanooga band Reverse Ferret. On DisCovery, Mike, Christian, Paul, and John are joined by the singing and guitar talents of Chris Bosher and Joylene Green. This earlier band covers some of the most intriguing songs of the last six decades with highly original re-imaginings, smokin’ hot solos, and tight vocal harmonies.

Our Studio CD — DisCovery — is here.   Listen…

What’s Up

Strong acoustic guitar chords introduce What’s Up which in turn introduces the amazing and mellifluous voice of Joylene Green. Joylene ramps up the existential angst of the song when she “screams at the top of her lungs ‘What’s going on?’”. This first track also introduces the guitar work of Chris Boshers as he shreds on the ending.

White Bird

White Bird features the vocal harmonies of Joylene and Chris, with Mike Salter joining them on the chorus. Paul Porceddu on violin soars as he transforms into the white bird.

For Your Love

But Paul’s favorite exposition is on For Your Love, another gift from the 60s. Paul’s talents are on full display and well demonstrate why he was Florida’s state bluegrass champion.

Wicked Game

Chris Isaak, eat your heart out. Chris Boshers just showed you how it’s done on Wicked Game. The voice and that guitar are something very special.

Remember (Walking in the Sand)

Joylene comes back with a hardcore ballad from the 60s, Remember (Walking in the Sand).

Master Blaster (Jammin’)

Christian Craan’s bass work is solid throughout DisCovery, but it shines as a virtual master class on Stevie Wonder’s Reggae hit, Master Blaster (Jammin’).



Wagon Wheel

John Standridge keeps DisCovery interesting on his Roland keytar and Korg synthesizer, but he saddles up to the Mason & Hamlin grand piano to add a little Honky-tonk to Wagon Wheel, which features Joylene with Chris and Mike doing close harmonies.


The One I Love

The band stretches its rock wings on REM’s The One I Love, with Chris on vocals.



Whistles the Wind

Joylene and Chris growl out Flogging Molly’s Whistles the Wind, turning it into the Irish drinking song it was meant to be.



Can’t Find My Way Home

DisCovery ends with another song from the 60s, Steve Winwood’s Can’t Find My Way Home. Mike Salter’s virtuoso drumming skills are evident here as they are throughout the album. The entire band displays balance and a lush sound, rich with nuance and just loose enough for Rock ‘n Roll. We end on another one of Chris’s great guitar riffs. Great introductory album, Ferrets!