Reverse Ferret is a group of musicians who just want to play and have fun.

Lilly Waters is an amazing vocal talent. She must be heard to be believed.

Jonathan Wimpee, Chattanooga’s virtuoso jam guitarist has joined the Reverse Ferret line-up. He has played with so many musicians and bands, like the Molly Maguires and Milele Roots. His album, State of Mind, is now available.

Paul Porceddu plays violin and electronic loops and effects; his background includes rock, symphony, and state bluegrass championships. He teaches violin and performs solo and with small ensembles around Chattanooga.

Christian Lionel Craan plays bass; he founded the very popular reggae band, Milele Roots.

Mike Salter is among the very best drummers in Chattanooga. He tours and records with all of the best local talent. He plays with Robin Grant and the Standard, the Monday Night Big Band, the Uptown Big Band, and several other jazz ensembles.

John Standridge plays keyboards. He is a humble man with much to be humble about. His music albums include EarthSpirit, ConceptPeace, Homemade Covers, Dystopian Junk Mail, and Leftover Wine.

The band has a 10-song CD titled DisCovery. It is a previous iteration of the band, with Paul, Mike, Christian, and John, but with former Ferrets, Joylene Green and Chris Boshers, on vocals and guitars.

You can see a video of a live performance by going to our YouTube page.

You can contact us from our Booking page or call John Standridge at 423-413-8137.